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All About SURS

The following booklet was created to help educate our legislators and their staff about SURS and our funding needs. You can review it to learn more about the System, our investment and funding history, and our retirement benefits.

Benefit Recipient Resources

Specific information for Benefit Recipients including the annuitant guide and information regarding death, disability, DRA, and survivor benefits.

Change of Address Form

View and print the Change of Address form or save a stamp by changing your address online through the Member website (this option not available to Benefit Recipients).


Answers to member questions on a wide array of topics from disability to separation refunds.

Insurance Resources

A comprehensive list of insurance information for State and CIP participants including Benefits Choice and Waiver forms, as well as insurance handbooks.

Member Guides

The Annuitant and Member guides are intended to serve as summaries of the provisions of the law governing SURS. They should not be considered a substitute for the provisions of the law, which are set forth in Articles 1, 15, and 20 of the Illinois Pension Code.

Portable Plan Resources

Specific information regarding the Portable plan including the member guide, forms and brochures.

QILDRO Information

If your retirement benefits are being considered for possible division in divorce proceedings, the following information will be helpful.

RSS Feeds

A list of SURS RSS Feeds available to members.  Read more about what an RSS Feed is and how it works on our Feeds Delivered Via RSS page.

Service Credit, Refunds and Retirement Information

These brochures and leaflets explain the purchase of prior service, the Reciprocal Act and systems, the refund process, and retirement annuities.

Tax Forms

SURS Special Tax Notice and links to IRS forms like the W4-P, W-9, and others.

Traditional Resources

Specific information regarding the Traditional plan including the member guide, forms and brochures.


SURS Videos to help guide you through various topics such as logging on and navigating the Member Website, the Benefit Estimator, information regarding the Traditional Plan, and more!