SURS Elects Board Members

May 3, 2012 - 19:00
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The State Universities Retirement System (SURS), today, released the results of its 2012 Board of Trustees election. Newly elected board members include: Dorinda K. Miller, University of Illinois and Andrew S. Matthews, Illinois State University.

Miller and Matthews are both active members of SURS and were elected by the system’s active membership to fill two expiring terms. Miller is a returning board member, who has served since 2009 and is currently the board treasurer. She is a staff clerk at the University of Illinois in Champaign. Matthews is a first-time board member, teaches in the Department of Politics and Government at Illinois State University and is a small business owner.

SURS Executive Director and Board Secretary William E. Mabe certified the election results as follows: Dorinda K. Miller – 6,973 votes, Andrew S. Matthews – 6,871 votes, and Jacqueline M. Berger – 6,523 votes.

The SURS Board of Trustees is made up of 11 members: four elected participating (active) SURS members, two elected annuitant (retired) SURS members, four members appointed by the governor, and the chairperson, also appointed by the governor and who serves as the chair of the Illinois State Board of Higher Education.

Other members of the SURS Board of Trustees include: Chairwoman Carrie Hightman, Matthew Berns, John Engstrom, Fred Giertz, Steven Rogers, Tony Vasquez and Mitch Vogel. There are currently two vacant appointed seats.

The SURS Trustee election was conducted April 1 – May 1, 2012, by VR Election Services, an impartial election company. Only participating (active) members were eligible to vote for the participating candidates.

For more information contact:

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State Universities Retirement System
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SURS Elects Board Members