A New Look to Begin our 75th Year of Service

A New Look to Begin our 75th Year of Service

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January 26, 2016

SURS has a new logo that we are introducing in honor of our 75th anniversary! Look for this symbol on all emails and materials that you receive in the future.

Our fresh, new look is a symbol of our core beliefs of integrity, professionalism, and accountability; and a renewed commitment to deliver timely, quality service to our members.

The logo was created by a Central Illinois artist who worked with the SURS communications team over several months to develop a design that will serve as the visual foundation for SURS brand identity as well as stand the test of time. It was created specifically for electronic use to facilitate SURS commitment to provide our members the most up-to-date information in the most technologically advanced manner.

Since 1941, SURS has administered the pension funds of higher-learning educators and staff members. Our team of professionals has overseen investments, calculated and paid benefits, administered health insurance enrollment, and counseled our members on everything from choosing a retirement plan to retirement preparation to pension reform issues. We have grown from 4,894 members and $1.7 million in assets in 1945 to 228,000 members and $19.2 billion in assets today.

Our new logo connects to our history, while presenting SURS in a new and distinctive way. We are proud and honored to administer your pension funds. Our new symbol conveys that pride and our commitment to you for a sound future.