Responsibilities of CMS and SURS

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College Insurance Plan


The Department of Central Management Services is responsible for applying provisions of the State Group Insurance Act, and other applicable State and federal laws to the administration of the College Insurance Plan, by establishing rules and provisions for the plan in accordance with the law; and setting premium rates for each plan year. They are also responsible for the contracting and monitoring of insurance carriers that provide benefit services to plan participants. As such, they act as an ombudsman between participants and carriers in the settlement of claims disputes, and all benefit coverage issues. They also act as an oversight agency, in their capacity as the plan administrator, to make sure participating agencies are complying by the rules they have set forth for administration of the plan. CMS is also responsible for the design, maintenance, and support of the various Group Insurance Division computer systems.


The State Universities Retirement System is responsible for determining the eligibility requirements to participate in the plan, the enrollment of eligible members and dependents into benefit plans, providing enrollment and premium information materials regarding the plans, and updating member´s status and personal information on the Group Insurance Computer System, and the collection and forwarding to CMS of member and dependent premiums. SURS also is responsible for making requested changes to member´s and dependent´s coverage. SURS abides by and acts in accordance with the rules set forth by the Department of Central Management Services, and applicable State of Illinois and federal laws.