Please note: SURS does not endorse specific pension reform legislation. Our goal is to update and educate SURS members concerning legislation that may affect their retirement benefits.

SB 1300

Downstate and Suburban Police/Fire Investment Consolidation

SB 1300 consolidates the investments of downstate and suburban police and firefighter’s pension funds into the Police Officers’ Public Investment Fund and the Firefighters’ Public Investment Fund, respectively.  

As it relates to SURS, SB 1300 makes three changes: it allows Tier II police officers and firefighters to retire at age 60; it requires the governor to designate the...

SB 1784

Post-Janus Employee Labor Union Protections

SB 1784 amends the Illinois Pension Code to generally prohibit the disclosure of the following information for members and participants of pension funds and retirement systems:

(1) The individual’s home address (including ZIP code and county);
(2) The individual’s date of birth;
(3) The individual’s home and personal phone number;
(4) The individual’s personal email...

SB 1805

FY 2021 Budget Implementation Act

House Amendment #2 to SB 1805 creates the FY 2021 Budget Implementation Act to make changes in state programs that are necessary to implement the FY 2021 budget.

House Amendment #2 to SB 1805 creates the Emergency Budget Act of Fiscal Year 2021. It authorizes the governor to designate a contingency reserve from general funds and any special fund for FY 2021, with certain notification...

SB 1814

Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Implementation Bill

SB 1814 creates the FY 2020 Budget Implementation Act to make changes in state programs that are necessary to implement the state budget for fiscal year 2020.  It authorizes the use of moneys in the State Pensions Fund as part of the FY 2020 state contribution to SURS and makes two additional changes: (1) repeals the 3% Rule and reenacts the 6% Rule; and (2) it extends the existing...

SB 2135

Government Emergency Administration Act

SB 2135 creates the Government Emergency Administration Act.

SB 2135 amends the Open Meetings Act to allow an open or closed meeting subject to the Act to be conducted by audio or video conference during a disaster declaration related to public health concerns, without the physical presence of a quorum of the members, as long as certain conditions are met.

SB 2135 amends the...

SB 2795

Required Minimum Distribution Age Technical Correction

SB 2795 amends the State Universities Retirement System article of the Illinois Pension Code to correct an outdated reference to the required minimum distribution age under the Internal Revenue Code.

On December 20, 2019, the federal Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act became law. Among other changes, it increased the required minimum distribution age...

SJR 0001

Graduated Income Tax Constitutional Amendment Information

SJR 1 describes how the graduated income tax constitutional amendment will be presented to voters for consideration at the November 2020 general election. Specifically, the resolution provides for an explanation of the proposed amendment, arguments in favor of the amendment, arguments against the amendment, and the form of ballot. Under arguments in favor of the proposed amendment, SJR 1...

SR 1201

Changes to Senate Rules

SR 1201 resolves that the Rules of the Senate of the 101st General Assembly are amended as follows:

(1) The President of the Senate, in consultation with the Minority Leader of the Senate, may establish a process by which senators and members of the public may participate remotely in hearings for standing committees, special committees, subcommittees or special subcommittees, and...


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