Please note: SURS does not endorse specific pension reform legislation. Our goal is to update and educate SURS members concerning legislation that may affect their retirement benefits.

HB 5584

Wire Transfer Tax

HB 5584 creates the Wire Transfer Tax Act. Beginning on January 1, 2021, it imposes a tax of 1% of the amount transferred on each wire transfer originating from within Illinois. The tax must be collected and remitted to the Illinois Department of Revenue by the financial institution that facilitates the wire transfer. The tax is not imposed with respect to any transaction that may not be...

HJR 0016

State Sponsored Health Clinic Task Force

HJR 16 resolves by the Illinois House of Representatives, with concurrence of the Illinois Senate, that the state-sponsored Health Clinic Task Force is created to study the possibility of implementing a state of Illinois sponsored health clinic for state employees, dependents, and retirees, with the purpose of providing quality care and annual savings to the state’s overall group insurance...

HR 0006

Urge Solutions to Windfall Elimination Provision

HR 6 resolves that the Illinois House of Representatives urges President Trump and the United States Congress to continue to work to find a solution to the problems created by the Windfall Elimination Provision.

HR 6 resolves that suitable copies of the resolution be delivered to President Trump, U.S. Senate Majority Leader McConnell, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Schumer, U.S. Speaker...

HR 0343

Urge Divestment from For-Profit Companies that Contract to Shelter Migrant Children

HR 343 resolves, by the Illinois House of Representatives, that the state of Illinois is urged to divest from any for-profit companies that contract to shelter migrant children.

HR 343 further resolves that suitable copies of the resolution be delivered to the Illinois State Board of Investment, the State Universities Retirement System, the Teachers’ Retirement System, and the Office...

HR 0727

Oppose Financial Transaction Tax

HR 727 resolves, by the Illinois House of Representatives, that they support the continued health and operation of the financial transaction markets of Illinois and oppose the concept of a privilege tax on financial transactions.

HR 727 further resolves that any tax of this type will be passed on to burden the savings activities of people all over the world, including Illinois workers...

SB 0262

Fiscal Year 2020 Budget

SB 262 contains the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget. It appropriates $1,854,692,000 for the state contribution to SURS for FY 2020.  Of this amount, $1,639,692,000 comes from the General Revenue Fund and $215,000,000 comes from the State Pensions Fund.   The FY 2020 certified state contribution to SURS is $1,854,692,000.  SB 262 appropriates an amount that is equal to the certified...

SB 0264

FY 2020 Supplemental Budget and FY 2021 Budget

SB 264 appropriates $50,000 from the General Revenue Fund to SURS for employer contributions required by the state as an employer in FY 2020.  These contributions are required due to the collectively bargained back wages paid to participating employees at the Department of Innovation and Technology pursuant to Public Act 101-7.
SB 264 appropriates $1,995,767,000 to SURS for the...

SB 1187

Right to Shop Act

SB 1187 creates the Right to Shop Act. As it relates to SURS, SB 1187 requires the director of Central Management Services to conduct an analysis of the cost effectiveness of implementing an incentive-based program for enrollees and retirees of the state group health benefits plan offered under the State Employees Group Insurance Act of 1971. The analysis must be conducted no later than one...

SB 1264

RUUPA – Trailer Bill for Public Retirement Systems

SB 1264 amends the Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act to ensure that annuity, pension and benefit funds held in a fiduciary capacity by or on behalf of a retirement system, pension fund or investment board under the Illinois Pension Code remain in their respective trusts. SB 1264 also requires pension funds, retirement systems and investment boards created pursuant to Articles 3, 4 and 22...

SB 1265

SURS Technical Corrections Bill

SB 1265 is an initiative of SURS that makes three technical changes under Article 15 of the Illinois Pension Code. 

First, SB 1265 amends the definition of an “employee” under Section 15-107 to mirror a change to the definition of an “employer” under Section 15-106 by Public Act 100-0611 (which allowed certain legacy employees within the newly created Department of Innovation and...


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