SEGIP Qualifying Change in Status

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HA #1 to HB 4036 re-inserts the provisions of the original legislation with technical changes. Additionally, it requires any request to elect dependent coverage due to a qualifying change in status to be consistent with the change in status experienced by the member.

HB 4036 amends the State Employees Group Insurance Act of 1971 to expressly define the phrase “qualifying change in status” with language that is similar to that appearing in the IRS regulations. A qualifying change in status includes: (1) changes to an employee’s legal marital status; (2) changes to an employee’s number of dependents; (3) changes to the employment status of the employee, spouse, or dependent; (4) changes to the eligibility requirements of an employee’s dependent; and (5) changes to the residence of the employee, spouse, or dependent. An employee may make benefit elections outside of initial eligibility, special enrollment, special circumstances as defined by CMS, or during the annual Benefit Choice Period, if he or she incurs a qualifying change in status.

HB 4036 takes effect immediately upon becoming law.

Representative Sue Scherer