Graduated Income Tax Constitutional Amendment Information

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SJR 1 describes how the graduated income tax constitutional amendment will be presented to voters for consideration at the November 2020 general election. Specifically, the resolution provides for an explanation of the proposed amendment, arguments in favor of the amendment, arguments against the amendment, and the form of ballot. Under arguments in favor of the proposed amendment, SJR 1 states the following: “This amendment does not tax retirement income.” Under arguments against the amendment, SJR 1 states the following: “In addition, this proposed change will pave the way for a tax on retirement income.” Under the form of the ballot, the amendment is explained, and the question is posted to voters as follows: “For the proposed amendment of Section 3 of Article IX of the Illinois Constitution.” Votes will be recorded as “yes” or “no.”

SJR 1 is identical to HJR 124 of the 101st General Assembly.

Senator Don Harmon and Representative Michael J. Madigan